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289 Grove Street, 2nd Floor
Jersey City, NJ
Door on Left

Located in downtown Jersey City, two blocks away from Grove Street Path.

Available by appointment only. 

We do not take walk-ins.



Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Practitioner

A message from the owner:

"It's an honor to practice a profession that I wholeheartedly believe in. This is an integral part of why my sessions are so different from another practitioners-- I believe in what I do and I endeavor that you leave better than you arrived.

Massage and Prosper is a vision realized of a studio that offers chronic pain management, medical, orthopedic and myofascial massage services with spa elements. 

It’s a culmination of my experience at Midtown Manhattan Medical (a medical massage practice in collaboration with physical therapists and chiropractors) and the luxuries of your local Aveda spa.

Since we opened in 2019, our aromatherapy has always been included, free of charge, with your session to be enjoyed on a heated, warm table with fresh linen to deliver a sense of relaxation and even joy.

My massage sessions can truly transform a person after 90 minutes of stretching, tissue manipulation and cold/heat therapy to 'seal in the work' on a physical, mental and emotional level --in that order. These benefits are achieved through non-invasive approaches that are almost immediately effective and enduring with frequency in sessions. 

I advocate that massage is as vital as sleep or exercise and should be on your to do list at least every month to keep up with your lifestyle demands. I aspire to serve every guest with a fulfilling session every time. 

To meet the costs of sessions for treatment plans, rehabilitation for injuries, body building and strength training, I created our Membership plan (The Prosper Club) with these things in mind. I designed The Prosper Club benefits before we opened and it's a keeper to this day!

It's been incorporated into many our client's self-care processes and it sticks because it works!

I offer an Integrative-Deep Tissue session to my clients- an intuitively, tailored experience culminating the most effective pressure and techniques ranging from (but not limited to) deep tissue, myofascial, sports and medical modalities to offer the best possible results.


You’ll find the studio two blocks from the Grove Street Path and naturally lit with wonderful, healing sunlight and any of our practitioners professional, friendly, caring and most importantly, happy to do what we do!  

As a Jersey City native of 34 years, I am thrilled to offer the people of this dynamic, hardworking and diverse city a local wellness space they can count on.

I look forward to welcoming you in!

Querina Duan LMT, MMP

*Available Mon, Weds, Fri and Sun
*Member discounts via The Prosper Club Membership 


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